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Yesterday, I groggily stumbled to the micro to heat up my first cup of coffee only to find a half full (I’m an optimist) cup left over from the day before. So I pulled it out to put in today’s and hit the edge of the microwave at just the right angle to shatter the cup. I felt a slight tug on my little finger and as my brain registered that fact, I tore my gaze away from the spilled coffee (why do things like that always seem to happen in slow mo?) to find a 1 1/2″ slit on the outside of my right pinkie. My first thought was, stitches, damn, followed immediately by, I don’t have time for stitches. And I really don’t. So I cupped my hand to collect the blood and went to my bathroom to find something with which to apply firm pressure. Would you believe I had to resort to cotton balls? In fact, my entire medicine box is entirely inadequate to handle an emergency. I have crayon, dora and dinosaur bandages, but nothing to handle more than a skinned knee. So I poured rubbing alcohol over the cut (though it was bleeding quite enough infection wasn’t my biggest concern) and called my uncle to see if my grandma had anything resembling a butterfly. My mom just happened to have spent the night over there so I asked him to send her over too. D2 and D3 were very helpful by the way. Life goes on and children must still get ready for school.

When she got here she said, um this needs stitches. So I repeated the reasons why I couldn’t spend 4 hours in the emergency room (with a three year old) waiting for them to sew up a wound which by then would have already begun healing on its own. I did this with D4’s chin last year when she fell in the tub. So she butterflied it for me then wrapped it up. I’d begun to feel very sick to my stomach and faint–it wasn’t that bad probably just my body’s reaction to blood and the after effects of the adrenaline dump–so I sat down with my head between knees, I’d begun to feel better when I heard a thump down the hall. D4 had tripped. I called to her, but she didn’t immediately get up so my mom walked down there to pick her up. When she brought her to me, my queasy stomach disappeared(probably another adrenaline dump) She was as white as could be, shaking a little and saying she was dizzy. Mom handed her to me. I held her close and she threw up. As soon as she did so, her color began to return. I cleaned her up, handed her to my mom so I could clean up then carried her to the living-room. She was a little quiet for about an hour but fine for the rest of the day. In fact, by lunch time she was running around the couch and yelling, you can’t get me!

Sympathy pain? She hadn’t hit her head when she tripped. She has no other symptoms… I don’t know but I’ll be watching her closely for the next few weeks, you can be sure.

My finger feels fine. Hurts to type, well only P, ; , and / but how often do you use those?… I guess I  just did. : )

In other news, I also found out yesterday that my children are losing a wonderful step-mother and I’m sad about that. So far they’re resigned, but I’m watching for anything else. I’ve already spoken to her and assured her since she’s been a part of their life for five years, she’d be very welcome to continue to be a part of their lives. She said she’d like that so I hope that helps the children adjust a little. (I’ve actually never met this woman, ex forbid her to see me…. wonder why?)

Now reading book 7 of the Death Note series. It’s Japanese anime. D2 loves it and asked me to read it and you parents of teenagers know, you grab the communication and connections where you can. It’s not a bad series really–comic book style writing (they keep killing off my favorite characters).

Well I think that catches me up, more or less. : )

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