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Well, another day closer

to Christmas. Technically, I have all my shopping done, presents wrapped, cookies baked and Christmas ducks in a row. Except someone came by today with an unexpected Christmas present so I gave her one of the tins I’d put together for my neighbors and now I’m one tin short. Bake more cookies? Buy another tin? Admittedly these are small problems in the scheme of things but remember when Christmas was all about fun? The delicious waiting? Stress? What is that? The day just couldn’t come fast enough. Now it speeds forward like a freight train dragging behind all sorts of unrealistic expectations (mostly mine) guilt and oh yes, lets not forget, stress.

Today I took the time to watch the Nativity Story. A very well made movie by the way and yes, I cried. Not just because  of my faith, although that had something to do with it, but because of the hope this season represents for a lot of people. Hope for change, hope for dreams fulfilled, hope for a new life, Hope, it’s a wonderful thing and life would really suck without it. So I wish, for all of you this Christmas and throughout the New Year, hope.

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