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Because I’m still working on that deadline and because I happen to agree with everything she says, I copied this from  http://jenniferleeland.wordpress.com

An awesome site by the way. : )


 It’s a common fact, not an urban myth, that writers are “sensitive”. The dictionary has thirteen different definitions of “Sensitive”. Perfect, right?

 1. endowed with sensation; having perception through the senses. I, personally, know when I write I seem to channel my characters. It’s a little weird sometimes.

 2. readily or excessively affected by external agencies or influences. Writers are acutely aware of the opinions of readers, reviewers, agents, editors, fellow authors…you get the point.

3. having acute mental or emotional sensibility; aware of and responsive to the feelings of others. Writing a book about a character means you have to be aware of other people’s feelings. This isn’t always true for me, but it often is.

4. easily pained, annoyed, etc. You all have seen this every Monday on my “Just Sayin’” days. But I think we are easily annoyed. If you doubt me, find a writer you know and interrupt them when they’re writing.

5. pertaining to or connected with the senses or sensation. I know a bunch of words to describe nervousness. And fear. And anger. **And don’t forget how to ‘show’ not tell it** : )

6. Physiology. having a low threshold of sensation or feeling. I don’t know if this is true or not, but it sure seems like it. LOL.

7. responding to stimuli, as leaves that move when touched. If you’re not the Redneck and you “touch” me? I’ll leave. That works, right? Okay, I’m reaching here I know.

8. highly responsive to certain agents, as photographic plates, films, or paper. You should have seen us all posing at the RWA conference. HIGHLY responsive.

9. affected or likely to be affected by a specified stimulus (used in combination): price-sensitive markets. Yep. You all stop buying my books and I’m likely to be stimulated….to cry. LOL.

10. involving work, duties, or information of a highly secret or delicate nature, esp. in government: a sensitive position in the State Department. I can’t tell you or I’d have to kill you.

11. requiring tact or caution; delicate; touchy: a sensitive topic. Um, this describes every interaction I have with other authors. LOL. Okay, it’s not that bad. Well, maybe with the Redneck Poet. LOL.

12. constructed to indicate, measure, or be affected by small amounts or changes, as a balance or thermometer. Yep. We are very sensitive to changes. Don’t believe me? Just watch writers on Twitter when there’s been bad weather all over and SNOW DAYS are declared. It’s ugly I tell you.

13. Radio. easily affected by external influences, esp. by radio waves. You know, at first we’re easily affected by external influences…..and then we’re not. LOL. Okay, that was just for fun. I was just thinking tonight about how the writing life is filled with “Peaks and Valleys” as the Redneck called them. It’s been an up and down week. I’ve had excellent reviews. I’ve had several people tell me they love my stuff. I’ve been given lots of support. I’ve also had pretty tough edits, two rejections and lots of confidence smashers. Ups and downs. Peaks and Valleys. We’re sensitive, man! LOL.

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Perfect Circle

Because I have a deadline looming….


Also available at Amazon


Set in the impenetrable jungles of the African Congo, this fast-paced debut tells the tale of a world poised for ecological crisis–and the secret that could save it. From corporate profiteers to the natives who’ve been expecting them, here is a story that asks if man and nature are fated to clash–or if the right man can break the cycle.


“Exhilarating brisk science fiction thriller!”

 Harriet Klausner


“The Perfect Blending of Sci-Fi & Adventure!”

Michael Goodwin


 And my 2 cents: Perfect Circle is by far the best Science Fiction/thriller/adventure book I’ve read in quite awhile, if ever, and I did go through my Crichton/Bourne phase. After picking up the book for the fifth time, I still have difficulty putting it down and that’s saying something from someone  who cut her teeth on fantasy… but then the line between fantasy and science fiction has always been a little blurred. : ) Read it, you won’t regret it.

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