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Or maybe I just suck at it.

As you might be able to tell, I’m focusing a little more on promotion for Perfect Circle. We did a big push in November, you know, sent out post cards, ARC’s, the works. But it seems like we hit a plateau and I don’t like it. The Prisoner has been returned to the copy-editor with all changes made, issues addressed and is slotted for release in September. (yeah) But I’m not ready to just let Perfect Circle go.

We’ve both been kind of busy. I just finished the first chapter of the new manuscript with all the nervous energy, hope and satisfaction that accompanies such an event. 36 to go. SO promised his new manuscript to his agent by the end of January. Ouch. In case you didn’t read that blog. He’s referring to the manuscript I started in December, edited 100 or so pages and then put down. (Hey, I was busy!) I picked it up today and edited about 30 pages. I’d forgotten what a good book it is. I’ll get it in tip top shape and then we’ll see if agent can sell it (this will NOT be the third book in his contract; that is still in the works) and then you will be able to read it (read, when it comes out, please, please read it)

Yeah, I’m not above begging, in fact it’s starting to sound like a pretty good idea. I could stand on the street corner and hold a sign that says, “Reunite a family; Please, read Perfect Circle.” No, probably not the kind of publicity we need, but what do we need?–beside a miracle?–I don’t know.

It’s a paradox, most writers I know aren’t exactly the social type. Give me a keyboard, some imaginary characters and I’m good. Really. But now I’m supposed to network? Speak with strangers? Hear that quaking? That’s me in my proverbial boots.

It’s not that Perfect Circle’s numbers are bad. I don’t actually know what they are. Won’t know until we get the numbers from Random house (soon please) But I check Amazon religiously, ok,  compulsively. We range between 200,000 and 300,000 in sales. Best was 67,000 (what a day) worst was 454,000 ( I confess, I couldn’t take it, I bought a book) But I’ve heard Amazon sales are not indicativeof how well your book is selling. And why we’re on Amazon, what is with the book with 3 stars being at 20,000 something in sales?

Anyway, SO and I are planning another promotion surge, but you know what? We don’t know what the hell we’re doing. Neither one of us are in advertising. He’s an engineer, I’m in accounting. ? ? ? So I’m reading every blog, article and book about promotion (again) and hopefully I’ll glean a few more gems. (Is that a mixed metaphor?)

Yeah, I know, branding takes time, building a career takes time, but we’re not getting any younger and he’s there and I’m here so hey, when you finish reading this, please, consider buying a book. : )

PS, I’m so damn polite–I mean you’re kind of a guest on my site and you just don’t ask your guests to buy something– that last bit was really, really hard to type.

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To Cindy from a little teeny tiny town in Washington. She won a copy of Perfect Circle for correctly answering the question about what Ken Avery did to alter his appearance… He shaved his head. Have you ever tried to wash Congo mud out of your hair? I haven’t either but my SO has and if he’s says it’s a bitch, I believe him.

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