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Yes, I know

I complain a lot and bitch and moan but I do it here to get it out of my system. Truth is I love writing; I can’t imagine a better job. I get to have conversations with the voices in my head. ; ) And one day I hope to get paid to do it but you know, I’d write anyway. D4 asked me the other day (out of the blue) to tell her a story about the littlest goblin. So I did. And you know what? I liked it. The little goblin who liked to make paper flowers chains instead of scaring people and the little girl named (well same as D4) She loves it and wants to hear it over and over. I must be doing something right.

However, it’s also true getting published isn’t the holy grail I once thought it was. It’s not the end, it’s another beginning, but I guess that could be said about most things. And yeah, knowing this before I get published is a good thing, I think.

And what’s the point of writing and editing and writing again unless someone reads it? Hence: Promotion, which I still suck at. But I’m willing to learn.

We did get some interesting responses to the contest. This one wins the prize for creativity:

He painted his body green, with most of his legs painted brown, put sticks coming out of his ears, and appeared to be a leaf, so the alligators and other predators wouldn’t bother him.

I’m not sending her a book; I’m making her buy one. It’s okay, she’s my favorite aunt and she understands. In fact, while SO was still here I tried (unsuccessfully) to talk him out of giving all my relatives free books. I mean how are we going to sell them if we give them away to the people I know will buy them? We did have to stop. RH is being a bit slow about delivering our copies and I actually had to buy a book to give it away. I’m calling it a marketing expense. Let Uncle Sam argue with me if he dares.

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