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I know I said

that I had determined to take a little more care with my posts, but here is another one right off the cuff, no spell check and grammar-as-I-think instead of according to the various rules. Why you might ask? Well maybe you didn’t ask  but I’ll tell you anyway.  I’m venting, of course.

I just returned from taking D4 to the dentist. 2000$ Yeah, I thought I’d get that one out right away. No, I don’t have dental insurance, I can barely afford her health insurance. And if Obama really wants to do something about the health care system, how about making some provision for people with pre-existing conditions? Just my health insurance went up to 550$ a month this year. For just me. And my pre-existing condition has been under control for years. I haven’t seen a doctor (except for that yearly thing) for 2 years! And then it was a check up.

But I’m not really angsting about health care even though that is why I can’t afford dental insurance and the phrase two thousand dollars is echoing in my head. I’m stressing about having to take my 3 year old little girl to get four teeth capped. And I can’t  be in the room with her. And I hate that. I understand the damn rule. Some parents can be a little interfering. What parent likes to see their child in pain? I’d cry. Hell, I feel like crying just thinking about it. But I’d just stand there and hold her hand while I did it.  And then there is the guilt. Honest, I did brush her teeth. Honest, I don’t let her have candy all day or munch on potato chips and soda. Trust me, my kids will tell you, soda and potato chips are for birthdays and New Year’s eve and sometimes in the summer for root beer floats. We don’t do those kind of snacks. But the fact remains; I see them. Cavities. Cavities equal pain and your child in pain equals guilt and angst and tears.

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