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We are done with stage one. D4 is now boasting four white capped teeth, along with a temporarily numb mouth and nose. She started to cry just a little when they strapped her in. I know, I was ready to bolt with my child in tow. But if you think about it, a three year old is not going to hold still while you drill in their mouth and they weren’t like medical straps–you know like the kind Frankenstein broke to escape. They were more like a cocoon, the kind I wrapped her in right after she was born. Kissing her and walking away was difficult. I sat in the waiting room and worked on the map for TDYK. I don’t know why I always write the novel and then draw the map. It’s stupid really. Now I have to fit the map to the story instead of the other way around. Readers don’t really measure for distance, right?


If you ask D4 about her visit, she says that she got a sticker and a butterfly ring. So I don’t think she’s permanently scarred. D3 has an appointment next Wednesday for an x-ray. I’m hoping that will help Claire a bit as in four weeks, she has to go in to have a few minor cavities filled and get a professional cleaning.


About D3’s teeth. When she was about two, her teeth started decaying at a rapid rate. It’s odd, every single one of my BIL’s kids’ teeth rotted away. With D3, I did leave her on the bottle longer than I should have. I was going through a divorce and thought she needed the security, but with D4, I brushed her gums, then her teeth and she still has cavities. Dentist assures me that it’s not genetic though, but we’re talking about the children of three different mothers… anyway. D3 had to have her teeth removed. When they did x-rays, they found out she didn’t have any adult teeth to replace the front 4 baby teeth. He showed me the x-ray because one of the adult teeth was growing sideways and he had to have my permission to remove it.

I’d always planned to buy her a bridge when she turned 7 or 8 and recently looked into options and costs. Well the other day she came to me and said she thought her big teeth were coming in. I prepared to give my, ‘they’re not coming in, sweetheart’, speech when she opened her mouth to show me and there ARE adult teeth coming in. I saw the x-rays; there were no teeth up there waiting to come in. So where did these come from? That’s what I hope the dentist will answer next Wednesday.


In other news, my cats have killed four birds this week. There are feathers all over my yard. I don’t know if it’s the season, or they’ve developed a taste for mourning dove but I’m getting tired of finding the ‘surprises’ on my doorstep.


Well that’s all, I hope you’re having a wonderful day/evening.

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