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Weekend Gardener

Although I confess, the pouring rain has hampered my gardening plans a bit. However, I did get some practice shots with my new camera. The old one died a long slow and painful, for me, death.

These are my need-to-be-pruned-but-its-too-late-should-I-do-it-anyway fruit trees. The one in the front is my plum.

Do you believe in love at first sight? I didn’t until these anemones started blooming. Aren’t they beautiful. I have since come to learn the anemone flower symbolizes ‘a dying hope’ and ‘forsaken’. Just my luck. ; )

This is one of my second round of daffodils. The snails ate the first blooms, King Alfred, to the stalk. Don’t be fooled by their appearance, snails are garden ninjas, destroying everything in their path. I have since taken care of the problem. As my youngest would say, “I have skills.”

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Wow, well, where to begin. At the beginning, silly.

Writers know it’s not quite that easy.

If by chance you read a blog entry that posted earlier today, I’d like to apologize… but then there is really nothing to apologizes for, except it was an accidental posting. I wrote that blog several weeks ago and decided it was too personal to post. Too much of me. It was supposed to go into the draft folder. Do you believe in fate?

I did remove it.

But for those of you who commented. Thank you! I am doing better. A have a steady freelance job, which, if not paying all the bills, pays enough of them. I’m still looking for editing work (don’t use this blog to measure my grammar skills, please.) I’m still home when my kids get out of school and I am going to volunteer at the preschool today.

I will never stop missing my grandma and even reading that blog post had me sobbing like a baby but that has become, or is becoming, part of who I am and I accept it. I’m also embracing my single-hood (If you can ever be single with 5 kids.). No. I’m not even considering the dating scene–even though my eldest daughter is trying her best to set me up with her boss. He’s newly divorced with 4 boys. Nuff said.

My son’s birthday was yesterday. He’s 12. His party is this Saturday.

I still have a novel under consideration at a publishing house and I’m writing away under my super secret pen name. My word count has suffered but my desire to push the envelope has increased. I hope to have several manuscripts hit the cyber shelves this year.

There are times I still wake up and panic because this is not what I expected of my life, but you know, I have it pretty damn good. 5 healthy children who adore me and whom I adore. I have a family that may quibble but who forms a protective shield when any member of us is threatened. And wonderful, good friends, who I may only speak to using words on a screen, but who mean everything to me.

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As if I needed it

I have another proof I’ve twisted my children.

As I opened some fruit snacks for my 4 year-old, she said: “Hey, mom. I know something we forgot to say to the new neighbors.”

(We’d taken the new neighbors  cookies a few days before)

Me: “What?”

She beams: “Welcome to the neighborhood.”

Me: “Welcome to the jungle.” 

Without missing a beat she replies: “We’ve got fun and games.”

*I realize if you’re not a Guns and Roses fan, you might not get this, but um, trust me, it’s funny. : )

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