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But not all fun and games in the Just another day’s household. Christmas night, D4 woke up and quite literally lost her cookies. the next day, she alternated between sleeping and losing everything in her stomach. That night my stomach started bothering me and sure enough, by morning I had the bug too. Last night both D3 and D2 were sick (I hate carpet, I really do) and OB is at a friend’s house… hopefully their carpet fared better than mind did. The good news? D4 seems better except for prolonged neediness and this morning I woke up hungry and wanting a cup of coffee, so whatever this is, it’s short-lived and even with the forced downtime, I wrote over 2000 words on the 26th, hand wrote another 1000 yesterday and made it to the computer for another 800. My editing suffered though, only 50 pages in two days.

The holiday itself was nice. I made red velvet cake for the first time from a good friend’s recipe. I’m in love. It will now be a new Christmas tradition… and Valentines day too if I can swing it. If you tasted the frosting, you’d know why one should eat it as often as one can (within a healthy balanced diet of course : )  Come on, I’m still a mom.)

My sister and I cooked dinner for everyone at my Grandma’s house. There were plenty of presents for everyone. The children seemed contented; Grandma happy–which is the most important thing. D2’s feelings were a little hurt because she’d suddenly remembered, after having seen them, that her cousins forgot her birthday. But this was a minor hiccup. We drew names for the first time… well since my grandparents left Utah and the extended family there. We’ve grown a bit, thanks to my mom and then me. : ) The children weren’t involved in the drawing of names of course, just the kids and grand kids who are all grown up.  We excluded Grandma from the one present rule because we knew she’d buy for everybody no matter what. There were a few snags. Some people still wanted to buy presents for family members whose names they did not draw. (Guilty but I gave it to her before Christmas so it doesn’t count) There was also a rather interesting ballet of gift buying. My aunt and I did grandma’s shopping, one of my sister’s did my mom’s, then I had to have my mom buy the present for the family member I drew… I could go on but you get the idea. On Christmas day, some people ended up withone gift and others with 2 or even three and toward the end of the passing out of the presents ceremony, my sister and I realized one person didn’t have anything. You see, one family member–who drew names at Thanksgiving with us– always travels in from out of state and couldn’t make it this year and neither had her presents. It was a mad dash looking through the house for something appropriate then getting it wrapped and bringing it in. Luckily it WAS too big to fit under the tree so it didn’t seem so suspicious. Gift recipient loved it. Truth be told we all loved and coveted the thing. All’s well that ends well?

I woke up this morning even before I gave into the renewed urge for coffee to see if erstwhile prospective agent responded reguarding the partial she requested. Nope. I’m starting to question my decision to let go a mediocre agent and turn down another who I felt, and others agreed, smelled a little fishy. My brave, courageous announcement that no agent is better than a poor agent is starting to echo into arrogance and stupidity. Even factoring the holidays, she should have responded one way or another by now. But as I said in a previous rant, I will not go back and rewrite the same manuscript for the 1000th time to see if I changed a nuance here and a detail there, this time it will catch an agent’s eye.

Forging ahead with the new manuscript. Self imposed due date for this draft is January 31.

So I better get writing.

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