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It’s official

Two of D3’s five missing adult teeth are in the process of coming in (or out, really, if you think about). The dentist says it rare but sometimes there are two sets of adult teeth and it most cases it’s not a good thing.

But this time it is! It is her front two adult even. I’m stoked. She’s still missing a back tooth and two in the front but she has a very small mouth and doesn’t have room for them anyway so that saves the orthodontist from having to pull out teeth.

Yes, I said orthodontist. She has an over-bite on one side and an under-bite on the other. It can be fixed now while she’s young but if I wait too long it means surgery.  She also has one baby tooth fused to the  bone (with no adult tooth under) and another molar growing at a 45 degree angle and if you’re keeping score, one cavity.

She was a trooper, always is though.  Next week is D4’s second appointment. It won’t be quite as traumatic for me but I imagine it’s going to  be a bit harder to put her in that chair.

Now I just have to figure out how to pay for all this. 🙂

I think it’s ironic that less than a day after I wrote that I had no patience for how slow it seems I’m progressing on this manuscript, I would have two days in a row where I can’t write. Today, I have cold and the what-did-I-come-in-here-for? fugue. Medicine helps the symptoms but makes me even more of a space case. I couldn’t find my head if it was attached to my shoulders today. (One of my grandma’s sayings.) So I’m not going to write. I did sit down with today’s chapter in front of me and soon realized that even if I did get through it, I wouldn’t trust my edits. So I (wisely) put it away and lay down on the couch to watch cartoons with D4.  Yup, soup for dinner.

Tomorrow I have to go to award ceremonies at the school. One at 10:45 and one at 1:15. It’s a good thing the school is five minutes away… walking. And tomorrow night is Family night. So I might be able to get some writing in between 1:45 and 2:45 (when the kids get home) but I doubt it.

I think I’m getting a lesson in patience. 

I’ve been writing this blog for a little over three months and I’ve been wondering today exactly what it should be about. Is it a writing blog? A family blog? Well, I’ve come to a conclusion. It is what the title says: just another day in my life. Some days are more interesting than others, but that’s life. Here, I’ll write about what consumes my time–namely writing, my family and my garden. I really do hope something of what I say makes you smile, lets you know you’re not alone, motivates, or touches you in some way.

If so then I will consider it a success.

Ah man, I’m getting sentimental, must be the cold.

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