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was full of small blessings. Not the big knock -your-socks-off kind but little things that if you pay attention, make you smile and grateful. A friend of mine is blogging about Days of Grace  and though I didn’t plan it when I sat down to write, I suppose this is something similiar.

Snippets of things that made me happy today.

D4 and I were coloring  and she asked me to draw our family. She decided to draw me (I’m a great blue oval) but then she added arms and said, “Here are your arms so you can hug me.” And so I did.

Later we were cuddling on the couch and watching Wow Wow Wubbsy, she sighed and said, “I love me and you.” I hugged her tighter and just said, “me too.” And I do.

OB has  been bringing his friends home after school since school began. This is the IT house. And let me tell you, boys multiply noise  and activity exponentially. Three boys don’t just make three times as much noise as one; its three to the power of three. Lately, it’s been a struggle to get him to finish his homework. I walked past his room this afternoon (the door was shut) and heard him say, “No, let’s do our homework first.” I would have gone in and hugged him if it wouldn’t have embarrassed him half to death. I hugged him later.

Tonight, for family night we played Yahtzee. It was D2’s turn to pick the activity and she picked Yahtzee because she knows I love it. D3 rolled three Yahtzee’s. Yes three! Being the second to the smallest has its draw backs; it was nice to see her first when I didn’t have to pull any strings to get her there.

Oh yeah, we’ll hear about that one for weeks and weeks. : )

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I have learned the recession is good for marriage. According to a study, married people, after having looked into how much a divorce will cost, have decided to try and work things out. Kinda sad really. If I’d have known how much a divorce would cost, mentally, financially and emotionally, I still would have done it. In my case the staying married was way more expensive than the divorce… oh but I do wish I could go back and change a few things, but that’s another story. : ) So, how many couples divorce because it is, or was, easy?

And good news for females. It appears the ideal female body type is not a tiny waist with generous hips and bust; it turns out that those of us with a smaller hip/waist ratio have the hormones (androgen) to better deal with stress, we’re stronger and more competitive…. in other words, we are more like stereotypical men? Please. I’d prefer to call it ‘advanced female’. ; )

On the home front, I put my coffee plant in the laundry room. I told myself it was for the heat and moisture in the air but really it’s so I don’t have to watch its slow decline into compost.

Must go grocery shopping; those pesky kids keep demanded to be fed and tonight is family night and we’re putting up the tree! My kids like tradition even more than I do, especially only boy, so we must have hot cocoa–not the real kind, the powdered stuff, and popcorn. So it’s off to the store.

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