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 The Wild Rose Press gathered recipes from its writers and put together a cookbook full of yummy goodness.

The best thing? The e-cookbook is free!

I’m all about cookbooks. I love pouring through the pages, trying new recipes, reminiscing about past attempts. I’m a good cook, in  general, but while the cookies with ice cream as an ingredient sounded good… it didn’t quite work out.

Now I’m off subject. I’ve read these recipes and they all look yummy. Best? They’re used by real women and men so you won’t have to be {insert favorite chef} to make them.

What are you waiting for?

 Check it out here!

Ps: You should try my good friend, Lynne’s Irish coffee. YUM!

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To Cindy from a little teeny tiny town in Washington. She won a copy of Perfect Circle for correctly answering the question about what Ken Avery did to alter his appearance… He shaved his head. Have you ever tried to wash Congo mud out of your hair? I haven’t either but my SO has and if he’s says it’s a bitch, I believe him.

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