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What is happiness? In his book The Nature of Happiness, Desmond Morris defines it as transient feeling of joy. And if you think about it, he has a point. It is an excellent book by the way, it can be found on Amazon. With this viewpoint, the bad things that happen are just precursors and even necessary to obtaining the state of happiness.
I recently read a book recommended to me by D2; now I’ll read anything D2 recommends as she doesn’t read often; this book was good. She couldn’t even put it down. It was about an angry teen age boy. In his (forced) quest to understand himself and the world around him, he was isolated on an Alaskan island with only an old Tlingit Indian for occasional company. The Indian told him that happiness was a choice, a conscious choice you must make everyday. The book is called Touching Spirit Bear and also found Amazon.
I’ve always known if you focus on the miserable, you’ll be miserable and so I’ve try, please read TRY, to focus on what is good, what enriches my life.
And for me it often comes down to the little things, the every day things. For instance, opening a jar of peanut for the first time makes me smile. Why? I don’t know. Does it matter? Running my hand through a bowl of M&M’s… I smile and feel a bit more relaxed just thinking about it. I am a bit tactile. Bringing home a stack of library books makes me happy. And is there anything more wonderful than a daffodil in spring?

Please, I am not a pollyanna by any definition. In fact, I’m more of a pessimist, I figure if you don’t hope for the best, when you don’t get it at least you’re not disappointed. : )
But, if I spend my days appreciating those little happy things, the dishes, the cluttered house, the distractions, the fighting children, rejection letters, bills; none of it has as much power to make me not happy.  And the most interesting thing about this. If you take the time to think about what makes you happy, you’ll find you’re already happier. And reading what makes someone else happy? It inspires your own. So Please, let me know what little things make you smile throughout the day. There is no right or wrong answer. And in telling your\’s, you may help someone else smile too.


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