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Today was full

of what a good friend of mine calls ‘kitchen zen’. In other words: Cookies! 2 dozen.. er interesting Gingerbread men are sitting on my counter along with 7 dozen sugar and 2 dozen lemon (minus one… couldn’t help myself). But my kitchen smells divine, even with the added smell of Shepard’s pie from dinner mixed in. I’ll have to run to the store tomorrow before I can finish but looking forward to making cookies isn’t a bad thing. Cookies are good, cookies are fun, it is my firm belief  that cookies are therapeutic. Coffee and cookies? Ambrosia.

I also made my first real head way on the new book. Yippee! Less than a thousand words today but strung together in such a way that I thought, you know, there is something here… magic.

As soon as the children finish their chores, we’ll decorate the sugar cookies and pack them away. If anyone is listening, I really could use a container large enough to hold 10 dozen or so cookies. Right now I have cookies sheets all over the kitchen… oh the horror. : )

Duty calls. OB popped D4’s balloon and “it will never be the same again.” I swear, that’s what she said.

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