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A little history

Well, it was one of those days, you know where you don’t get half as much done as you’d like and I’m really hitting a difficult crossroad in the new manuscript. Namely how much to put ‘on air’. You know, do I write that scene or let it happen ‘off camera’ …. how long do I want this  book? So instead of my 2000 words, I wrote 1500, drew a rough map so I can make sure my mental orientation works on paper, visited all my favorite writing blogs for emotional support (and a few smiles), and created a TDYK playlist. Yes, my manuscript has a play list. You know for when they make it into a movie. Just kidding… really.

Probably most of you don’t know that the reason I finally broke down and wrote the first line of the first version of the then titled Ilythra was because I’d had a dream and the dream wouldn’t leave me. In fact the dream, and it’s main character, Ilythra, seemed to be growing daily, taking up more and more of my thoughts. And there was one particular song that brought everything about the dream into sharp focus and I still don’t know why(I Need You by Jars Of Clay–go figure). By the time I sat down and began writing the story out (long hand) it was an act of self protection.  I had to get it on paper and out of my mind. It didn’t quite work that way. As I was writing the first draft (100 pages long) a friend of mine introduced me to a band called  Chasing Furies. Well that did it. Joined a writers workshop and wrote those 100 pages into an entire 110,000 word manuscript. I can still pick out scenes and even chapters that were inspired by a particular song or rather the emotion in the song.  In fact, there are some songs that the  characters have so taken over,  I can’t listen to the song without being transported back into the scene. If you want to know about my antagonist, listen to Romance Me by Chasing Furies, he’s there. Yeah I know it’s kinda a love song; it’s the tone of the song, captures his essence perfectly. If you have a Myspace and are interested, it’s in the music section. : )

Oddly enough, most of the manuscript was still written in long hand probably because I wrote every chance I could wherever I could. I wrote the ending in a little notebook, sitting in the Kaiser parking lot and sobbing my little heart out. Just as I finished, D1 called to find out when I would be home and immediately thought something was terribly wrong. I had just seen the doctor. She understood when I told her I’d just finished the book. Have I said how much I love D1? Of course that wasn’t the end. I’ve since taken the 110,000 words and translated it into four books, each about 86,000 words long. Not bad for one little dream, huh? And you know what? It’s a damn good story. Once you met Arien… well, one day I hope you get to met Arien and Ewen, Ilythra, Mohan(he stole the show in the second book) and Ryliann and well, you get the idea.

This new manuscript had it’s genesis as I was jogging on a tread-mil. No joke. I was listening to Evanescence and boom, it was there. I jumped off and started writing… Vampire, go figure. I’m not sure if I could describe it, its as though my vision goes soft and I can ‘see’ something else. The scene/characters playing out behind what I can see… My that sounds wacky. My then agent wasn’t having much luck with the three publishers she tried to sell Awakening(which I think then was called Ilydearta.) to so the next time I spoke to her, I told her about my idea. She said vampire was passe. Over done, not a good idea. This was about 8 months before Twilight hit the stands. But there is no bitterness. No, really : ) She’s a nice lady, she really is and if I wrote chick lit, I’d turn to her again but I don’t, I write fantasy. Anyway, I’ve tweaked the storyline since then and I love how it’s progressing butI think what my prose was missing was a good old fashion dose of music inspired emotion and for this manuscript Evanescence seems to fit that bill; add a little Flyleaf and Paramore… I think I’m feeling more creative already. I am the kind of writer–and I honestly don’t know if I’m odd in this– that if I can’t feel it, if I don’t fall for the protag, if I don’t cry or melt or respond to the writing, I don’t expect anyone else to do any of those things either.

Well, this certainly isn’t what I expected to blog about today. Like I said, it’s been one of those days.

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