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Well, SO is safe, exhausted but safe, back half way across the world and I swear the house is two degrees colder. No, really. OB finally got the ick night before last but he seems to be doing better. He’s the last so lets hope it doesn’t make another round. And one last item: I’ve begun the countdown until school starts again.

Love the kids, really I do, but the extra week of Christmas break feels too much like summer without the option of saying, ‘why don’t you guys go play outside for awhile’.  Torture.

I’m still on par with my writing schedule. I’m thinking the rough draft is now about 2/3 rds done. Then I’ll go back and edit chapter by chapter and that will be the first draft. I’ll send it over, chapter  by chapter, to SO who will edit and send it back. We’ve gotten better, we used to do this 4 or 5 times, now just 2; but we always read it aloud before we call it finished. It’s amazing what you hear but didn’t read.  Then the synopsis and query, I’m already deep in stress land about the pitch.  ARGH I’m not even going to think of it until I’ve finished my second cup of coffee.

I am way behind on the editing front. But as this book doesn’t actually have a buyer, I suppose it’s okay. (Read SO keeps saying, don’t worry about it, finish the rough draft first and I know, somewhere behind that is the fact that as soon as the book he’s working on now, the one we DO have an option on, is finished, I will switch priorities to editing in order to get it into Anne’s lovely hands as soon as possible and He wants the rough draft done by then.)

I’m a bit worried about this third book, it’s rather large and the scope is…. well, huge. It might just be the kind of thing that is either a best seller or a flop and I don’t have much faith in the gods of chance, you know? But then I’m a newbie in the publishing world and know enough to know I don’t know anything except what makes a good story and that doesn’t always translate to sales.

So when the time comes, I’ll edit it to the best of my ability and leave the rest to Anne. I’ve grown to rather trust her judgement….too bad she’s not my editor too. : ) Ah, one day.

On that front, I received a new rejection in my in-box this morning. I’ll have to check my excel because I thought everyone who would respond, had responded. Nice polite, not right for my list, stuff. I still haven’t heard from the wonderful agent (and I did my research this time, she is wonderful) who requested a partial and I don’t know why I’m so unwilling to type her name, but I am, so there.

So far on the board (not counting query letters): I refused one offer, one agent declined after reading the manuscript (that hurt) and I still haven’t heard from the third (WA) who only has a partial.

I’m becoming resigned to the fact that this means she’s not interested. So okay, I mean I am already moving on, but its like having that one thing you really wanted to say to a new ex that you never really said… you know unfinished business.  

And now reader, I’ve put off what I really need to do long enough. Namely take a shower and get moving. In my defense, it’s cold in the house.

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