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Happy Belated New Year Everybody.

I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions. It’s always been my belief that if it’s worth doing, and you believe strongly you should do it, you will, resolution or no. But on the 1st, as I was reflecting about last year and looking toward the new year with its infinite possibilities–both good and bad–I decided to redirect my energy and time in different directions. I’m not sure if you’d  call that resolutions or not, but here they are:

1.Spend more time with my grandma.

My grandmother is a tough lady, I mean really. She’s made it through an aneurysm and can still beat the pants off me at any crossword or jumble. I’ve still got her beat at Suduko but she’s a beginner, give her time. Lately I’ve noticed a slow decline. She’s getting tired. My first instinct is to ignore it. I barely survived losing my grandfather with my sanity intact, or at least that’s how it felt. I can’t even begin to contemplate a life without  grandma. To me, my grandma represents everything that is safe and loving in the world. I’ve told her this. I’ve also told her that she’s just going to have to live forever but I’m beginning to see really how selfish that particular desire is. I’m suppose to be a grown-up now. This means looking reality in the face. So if my house doesn’t get clean a few days a week, will that really matter in the long run if a dirty house means I can go and visit with her  for a few hours, listen for awhile, make her smile?

2.Get new manuscript agent ready by March.

Writing this new book is a WAY different experience than writing The Triune Stones…. Simply put, I know what I’m doing. Okay, I know more what I’m doing. When I began writing Ilythra, I was completely innocent of what it takes to write a manuscript. I learned as I went along, thanks to literary friends, you know who you are, and I mean from scratch. Perhaps the manuscript reflects that, like an aftertaste, even though it has been re-written half a dozen times.

3. Keep up the house.

Yeah, I know that doesn’t sound like it jives with #1 and 1 will have priority, but I spend a prodigious amount of time playing solitaire (my go to relax and veg for two minute game) If I gathered all that time together, then you know, I probably would have time to clean that bathroom after all. (Oh joy!) And I wouldn’t flinch when unexpected company shows up at the door. (please or please don’t go toward the back of the house!)

4. Time with kids.

People who know me know I spend A LOT  of time with my kids, but really, it’s not always fun time, you know? We have family night once a week and take turns planning what to do but during our off hours, the kids spend too much time with their eyes glued to a video or electronic game. Or I’m in my drill sergeant persona (Say it with me, have you done your homework? Are your  chores done?)This one is hard, because in the past, I’ve  beat myself up silly attempting to spend ‘quality’ time with each child individually which, though it sounds good, is remarkably difficult to actually achieve. IE: I’m going to take D3 somewhere. D4 doesn’t understand why she can’t go, so D2 is stuck with a very pouty, difficult child. OB decides at the last minute he doesn’t want to go anywhere and if I take D2 somewhere, I have to get a babysitter which is not easy. D2 and I started watching Heroes together. D1 and I are football fanatics and don’t miss a 49er game together (they win more often when we watch together, honest) . D4 and I are alone together a lot so I think I’ll focus this year on D3 and OB; Maybe a craft (they  both like to build) I don’t know.

So there it is. Of course I want to lose 5-10 lbs, I don’t know a woman who doesn’t. And I want to eat healthier, everyone I know should, really. I want to pick every tomato instead of leaving a few on the vine to rot in late August when I’m tomatoed out and the vines have taken over the entire vegetable garden. I want to can those plums, apricots and peaches instead of raking the mushy dead ones off the ground. Those kinds of things, for me, go without saying and fall into do or don’t catagory. (I didn’t can last year, I did the year before.) I refuse to beat myself up about it and that leads me to perhaps the hardest decision of the year (notice I’m still not calling them resolutions) I’m one woman, already spread too thin so my over all decision this year: Don’t sweat the small stuff. Pay attention and focus on what lasts. And yes, I’d appreciate a reminder now and then.

Of course if you want to come help me can too… : )

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