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must  be clearing out last year’s mail. There were another two rejections of my  Awakening query in my inbox today. One of which I sent at the beginning of October. I suppose in the world of publishing where everything is hurry up and wait, or so it seems, that’s not such a long time. But in the world of waiting to see, it’s an eternity. So I checked. There are six agents I’ve still not heard from. And yes I ended the sentence in a preposition. Sue me. It’s not even that big of a no no. Yup, feeling a little um, frisky today. Warehouse grocery shopping does that to me, and crowds, and the crowds that frequent warehouse grocery places are in a class by themselves. In this particular place, D4 asks to be put in the cart instead of wanting to help push it. 

I digress. But what’s new?

As I’ve said before, I really have moved on. It’s time to give the new manuscript a chance. And on that note, as I was driving home, an pitch idea for the new book came to me.  First some background. Yesterday I was reading one of the writer-type blogs that I frequent and this obviously talented writer was musing about her 10 word pitch.

Agents like a line that grabs you and as a writer, you are supposed to be able to summarize your book in the following ways: 4-6 page synopsis;  1-3 page synopsis; in a one page synopsis; in a paragraph or pitch and yes, in one line or a hook. You can dispute the names but that’s pretty much it.  I’ve actually read some agents who have said if you can’t do this, you’re not a real writer.  On my bad days, well, I won’t tell you my reaction; on my good days, I want to ask them if they want a PR person, who can write a jingle, or someone who can write a manuscript. Completely different talents, I assure you. Anyway, it must be done and since reading said blog, I’ve been mulling it over in my subconscious. Here’s what it came up with. If you can, please tell me what you think.

How much do you owe the enemy who saves your life?


Thanks for any input. Now I’m off to do character profiles. : ) Oh and here is a link to a wonderful and fun grammar site. Yes, grammar can be fun. I hope it works


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