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Have I mentioned how much I love football? No? Well then it’s about time.

I am a San Francisco 49er fan.  And not because I live in California. When I was a little girl my mom forbid my sister and I to watch football and my grandma’s house. She said it was a sport  “…akin to the ancient gladiators. Grown men beating each other up while other people watched. Barbaric.” San+Francisco+49ers+v+Dallas+Cowboys+5cx-OFymCNSl

My grandfather and uncles are football fans, well no, they are sports fans, but that’s another subject. My mom was/is a single mother and so we spent a lot of time at my grandparent’s house.

So here I was seven or eight, peeking over the couch to watch the game. I didn’t know anything about it, but I knew I liked it. Rebellious nature perhaps?

There was a team with black and silver uniforms playing a team with red and gold uniforms.  I was a quiet child and no one noticed me. I stood there for an entire quarter debating which color combination I liked best. I finally decided I liked the red and gold. From that time on, when there was a football game, I’d ask one of my uncles if the red and gold team was playing. Eventually I figured out they were the SF 49ers.images

To think, I came that close to being a Raider fan.

Why this brief history lesson? Because the 49ers won against the Cardinals yesterday! They beat the NFC champions. They still depended on Gore too much, but they won!  And I am doing a happy dance.

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All in all, not bad.

For the last few days, I’ve been managing 1000-1500 words per day. I know, not much but considering I was at 0-500 not too long ago, I’ll take it. And there is something there, but then you’ve heard that before. I can feel the wheel picking up momentum and it’s a damn nice feeling.

Went on a wild goose chase for K’nex motorized madness ball machine. Thought OB would like it, and he would, only I missed the sale and 29.99 was now 59.99 and well, it just wasn’t worth 60$ OB will not be without presents.

Steaks are marinating, the house is loud, slightly askew and busy. In other words: normal for a Sunday with the kids. Oh yes and my 49ers WON! woo hoo. Now maybe I have time for a game of solitaire before I have to be responsible again.

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