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Thank you, Twitter

When I worked in accounting, I had no problem taking time off from numbers. In fact, my checkbook never looked so unbalanced.

This Thursday, I decided I needed a break from writing, editing, the whole thing. When you’re a writer, you don’t work 9-5, at least I don’t. I work in stolen batches time throughout the day, every day, even holidays. With the kids all home, I was finding it hard to concentrate, I’d fallen behind in my housework and I’d just finished a revision so it seemed like a perfect time to take a few days off.

So what have I been doing? Staring at my computer screen, one hand on the mouse, the other poised over the keyboard, with, I’m sure, a lost expression on my face. Is it a sick addiction, this writing thing? Friday I swore off Twitter and I did get some baking done and the house cleaned. (which, as the kids are home, lasted for about an hour) Today, I’ve been on Twitter almost all morning, except for my attempt at a nap–Why is it as soon as mom lays down on the couch, at least two little bodies want to cuddle and talk?

Truth is I’ve been experiencing world-building angst. The Devil You Know is structured and done except for the little line edits and polishing. A few months ago, I enrolled in a writing workshop. The first chapter came up for review Wednesday. Most of the reviews are very positive. A few commented that they would like more setting but they contradicted one another enough that I really didn’t think about it much until last night, when I couldn’t sleep and wondered if maybe they had a point.

TDYK is set in a post-apocalyptic world but the cataclysm happened so long ago, it’s only legend. The inhabitants live in primitive conditions and are polytheistic but as the book isn’t about any of those things, I only touch on them briefly. It is primarily a love story. I know my angst has as much to do with lack of sleep as anything but that doesn’t make it any less real.

I posted about it on twitter and got an immediate show of support. I love you guys, really I do. Writing can be such a solitary endeavor; it’s nice to be reminded I’m not alone. Thanks!

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